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Amateur Athlete Skate Shop Still kicking after 40 years in the Game.

Title: Celebrating Over Four Decades of Skateboarding: Amateur Athlete - A Locally Skater and Family-Owned Skate Shop in Bethlehem, PA

Skateboarding has been an integral part of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania's cultural fabric since 1982 when Amateur Athlete first opened its doors. For over four decades, our locally and family-owned skate shop has been a dedicated supporter of the skateboarding community. From giving product to local events, holding some of the most epic demos and so on.Even in the face of corporate giants, who aim to exploit the skateboard culture, Amateur Athlete has remained unwavering, upholding the true essence and spirit of skateboarding.

In recent years, the rise of corporate skate shops, exemplified by giants like Zumies, PacSun, Tillys has posed a threat to the authentic culture of skateboarding. These commercial entities often prioritize profit over the true essence of the sport. Skateboarding, once a vibrant underground subculture, is now being commodified and watered down. Corporate skate shops lack the genuine connection to the local skateboarding scene, replacing it with a generic, mass-produced experience. As true skateboarding enthusiasts, it is essential to recognize this dilution and support locally and independently owned skate shops that remain dedicated to preserving the core values and spirit of skateboarding. 

A Legacy of Skateboarding Excellence Since 1982: Since our establishment in 1982, Amateur Athlete has been at the forefront of nurturing the skateboarding scene in Bethlehem and beyond. With nearly 40 years of experience, our passion for skateboarding has only grown stronger alongside the local community. We take immense pride in providing exceptional products and fostering an inclusive environment for skateboarders of all ages and skill levels. 

Locally and Family-Owned: Amateur Athlete stands out as a beacon of local entrepreneurship, deeply rooted in the Bethlehem community. As a skater/ family-owned skate shop, we understand the unique needs and aspirations of our fellow skateboarders. By actively engaging in local events, sponsoring skate comps, and supporting grassroots initiatives, we continue to fuel the growth of skateboarding in Bethlehem. Our commitment to being locally and family-owned sets us apart, ensuring personalized attention and genuine care for every customer who walks through our doors. 

Preserving the Authentic Skateboard Culture: In the face of increasing commercialization, Amateur Athlete remains steadfast in preserving the authentic skateboard culture. We firmly believe that skateboarding should be a space for creativity and inclusivity, free from the pressures of mainstream consumerism. Our product selection reflects this philosophy, featuring brands that share our dedication to the core values of skateboarding, keeping the culture alive and vibrant. We pride in the companies we stock. Many have been around in the culture for years. Most are skater ran. There's no brands to we stock that were once in a totally different subculture and are only in the industry just to profit off the popularity. 

Community Engagement and Support: Amateur Athlete is more than just a skate shop; it's a community hub that fosters connections and celebrates the skateboarding/Street wear spirit. Our shop serves collaborative projects that showcase the dynamic intersection of skateboarding and creativity. We actively engage with the community by organizing skateboarding workshops, fundraisers, and initiatives that give back to Bethlehem. During the 2022 holiday season in collaboration with the Allentown skatepark collective we raised enough funds for 0ver 60 complete skateboards for Allentown/Bethlehem inner city youth. Together, we shape the skateboarding culture and make a positive impact on our local community, by giving those whom can't get new skateboard gear.

Unparalleled Product Range:At Amateur Athlete, we pride ourselves on curating an extensive and carefully selected range of skateboarding products. From high-quality skateboards, trucks, and wheels to apparel, accessories, and safety gear, we offer everything a skateboarder needs to excel. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to provide expert advice, ensuring that customers make informed choices tailored to their individual preferences and riding styles. Even if you only once took a skateboard for a ride we appreciate the support the local community has shown.

The Amateur Athlete Experience: Beyond the products and services we offer, the Amateur Athlete experience is defined by our passion, authenticity, and deep love for skateboarding. Stepping into our shop means joining a skateboarding family, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for the sport. We foster an environment that encourages self-expression, growth, and support, ensuring that every skater feels valued and empowered.

Conclusion: With over four decades of history and a commitment to the true essence of skateboarding, Amateur Athlete remains a driving force in the Bethlehem skateboarding community. As a locally and skater family-owned skate shop, we continue to uphold the values and culture that have defined us since 1982. Join us at Amateur Athlete and experience skateboarding the way it was meant to be - authentic, vibrant, and deeply rooted in the local community. From your skate community to ours we pride in being able to support skate communities and culture country wide with our ever grown web site

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