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Es foot wear brings back the es Muska model originally dropped in 1999.

ES Footwear Brings Back eS Muska Shoes!

The Chad Muska Legacy: A Revolution in Skate Footwear Design

Design Meets Functionality

The Es Muska shoes, inspired by Chad Muska, weren't just a stylish accessory. Their design was a result of years of innovation, combining the aesthetics of streetwear with functional technology vital for skateboarding. From a hidden lace system to prevent entanglements with the skateboard to a comfortably padded tongue and collar – every feature was meticulously thought-out. The unique stash pocket on the tongue was designed for high-priority items such as keys, money, and yes, even weed. A robust suede upper and a gripping rubber sole ensured they could withstand the skateboarding grind.

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Before Es Muska: The Evolution

Skate shoes before the Es Muska model leaned more towards simplistic designs, with minimal technological enhancements. Chad Muska, however, envisioned a transformation. Drawing inspiration from his early skateboarding days and incorporating hip-hop style, Muska meticulously curated his first shoe without compromise. His groundbreaking idea to incorporate the stash pocket in the shoe's design was later adopted across many of his signature models.

Return of the Puffy Shoes: 2023 Relaunch

Footwear trends, especially in the skateboarding arena, are constantly evolving. The industry saw the decline of puffy shoes in favor of lighter designs. But as 2023 approaches, there's a huge impact on the horizon. Es footwear, in collaboration with Chad Muska and the original team from its 1997 launch – Don Brown and Pier, is set to re-introduce the iconic Es Muska shoes. These revamped classics will be available in two colorways: a sophisticated black-red combo and a nostalgic grey-blue, reminiscent of the pair Muska donned in the iconic skate video, "Fulfill the Dream."

A Nostalgic Return: Amateur Athlete Skate Shop's Connection

For local skate shop enthusiasts, Amateur Athlete Skate Shop shares a unique history with the Es Muska's debut in 1997. As one of the few shops still standing from that era, the excitement for the shoe's return is palpable. Pre-orders are filling up, but a few extra pairs will be available for the keen buyer. And if this release causes as much noise as the initial one, new color variants might just be on the horizon.

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