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Powell Peralta Bones Brigade 14 Skate Deck

Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Series 14 Collection

The Bones Brigade Series 14 is more than just a collection of skateboards; it’s a snapshot of the golden age of skateboarding, an era that still resonates with countless enthusiasts today. Celebrating the revered Bones Brigade team from the 1980s, this collection beautifully encapsulates the essence of that pivotal time. It's a tribute to some of the most influential names in skateboarding history, such as Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, Tony Hawk, and Lance Mountain. These pioneers not only elevated the sport but also defined a generation with their unique styles and daredevil tricks.

The Bones Brigade Series 14 is a Collection of 6 Decks

The Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Series 14 lineup boasts six exquisite skateboard decks – each named after Hawk, Mullen, Guerrero, McGill, Caballero, and Lance Mountain. Each deck's design harks back to its respective rider’s distinctive 1980s shape, making it a true representation of that iconic era. But it's not just about aesthetics. The attention to detail is evident, from the design to the construction. To elevate its status as a collector's item, each deck is accompanied by a sequentially numbered card, beautifully encased in a transparent protective plastic, ensuring longevity and authenticity.

Blacklight Theme Available in Limited Amounts

But what truly sets the Bones Brigade Series 14 skateboard decks apart is its visually striking "Blacklight" color theme, available only in limited amounts. This vibrant color palette is perfectly complemented by the original artwork from the talented VCJ - Vernon Courtlandt Johnson. His graphics are not only memorable but are deeply intertwined with the skateboarding culture of the '80s.

If the Bones Brigade Series 14 has piqued your interest, then delve deeper into the rich legacy of Powell Peralta by exploring their full collection.

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With anticipation building up, pre-sales for the Bones Brigade Series 14 are set to commence on May 4th. Given the limited availability of these skateboard decks and the surge of demand expected, only a select number will be up for grabs at the regular price on the official launch day. This collection represents a unique chance for aficionados and collectors alike to hold a tangible piece of skateboarding’s rich history, each beautifully crafted from resilient maple wood. Ensure you don't miss the opportunity to add the classic Bones Brigade Series 14 Reissue Skateboard Deck and its accompanying lineup to your collection. The time to act is now. Look to the Future for Series 15 from Powell Peralta and don't be caught sleeping!

The Black Light Bones Brigade Series was a huge hit. Sell out times were super fast to say the least. Check back each year for the infamous Bones Brigade Series. Each year has a different color combination of decks sometimes matching other times not. Powell Peralta chooses the decks they will use for the Bones Brigade Series so all years won't include the same deck model, but only the riders stays they same. Always stop back to for the latest Powell Peralta Decks and merch.

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