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Skate Shop Day February 14th 2024

Skate Shop Day Is Everyday!!

Over the past few years a collective of Skateboard Shops around the world have collectively gathered to create the Holiday "Skate Shop Day".  As we approach February 17, 2024, skateboard enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the celebration of Skate Shop Day. This special day not only pays homage to the local skate shops that serve as the beating heart of the skateboarding culture but also provides a platform for riders, creators, and fans to come together and celebrate their shared passion. It's a day for celebration for those who have a local skate shop in their community. Skate Shops have been know to give a different outlet to kids that may have a different type of interest. All kids are not into organized structured sports. So Skate Shops are important to the community as it's an outlet for those to show their true interest. Showing up At the skate shop, chatting about experiences, meeting new friends, talking about past and future plans, is what Skate Shop Day is all about. 

Supporting Small Businesses:

Not all towns have a local or small skate shops. Which is fine, it's not easy to run or organize small independent businesses these days. Many conglomerate cookie cutter web sites or corporate shops make thins hard for small grass roots community involved shops. That's why it's all the more important to support small, independently owned shops, that give back to the community, and not just take. If you're in an area where there is no small shop. Seek out small independently owned shops that have web sites and will ship to your local area. Supporting the shops in any way will help the culture and community. Our site here at Amateur Athlete Skate Shop is

Exclusive Products From companies that care.

Skate Shop Day has grown each year since its inception. With each year the exclusive companies that help the brick and mortar shops also grow. Select companies that choose to be apart of the Skate Shop Day celebration help buy making certain products or color ways that can only be bought at Small/Independently owned shops.  Limited-edition decks, apparel, and accessories are often created specifically for this occasion, enticing skateboarders to add unique pieces to their collections. It helps get supporters in the shops. Not all products are available online which encourages those to get outside and support the community skate shop. Es Footwear has been a huge supporter and chooses to bring back a re issued skate shoe and color way exclusive to that day. The last two years were Es One Nine 7's a shoe that set fire to the 90's skateboard shoe culture. Emerica footwear also brought back a shoe the past two years that has not been available for over 15 years! Deluxe Distribution is also at the front of the list in Skate Shop Day Supporters. A few Limited edition exclusive decks were made available in shops whom have supported the Holiday. This year 2024 deluxe distribution has plenty planed. With a number of limited decks from Krooked Skateboards, Grumble Stix, Real Skateboards and much more. Don't forget to stop in shop on February 17th at Amateur Athlete Skate Shop where a number of fun things will be planned.

As February 17, 2024 approaches, skateboarders around the world eagerly anticipate the celebration of Skate Shop Day. It's a day to honor the local skate shops that form the backbone of the skateboarding culture, a day to come together as a community, and a day to share the thrill and excitement of riding on four wheels. Whether you're a seasoned skateboarder or someone looking to join the skateboarding community, mark your calendar for Skate Shop Day and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of skateboarding. So don't forget to stop on the site get outside and stop in shop grab a shop T-shirt or deck! Support those who support Skateboarding! 

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