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Vans Footwear Rowan 2 Pro Model

Stepping Into the Future: Vans Rowan 2

Vans, renowned for its forward-thinking and iconic style, proudly introduces the Rowan 2. This footwear marvel not only embraces modernity but also reflects the charm of classic vintage court shoes. Explore what sets the Rowan 2 apart in the dynamic realm of skate footwear.

Timeless Appeal Meets Modern Design

Progressive Design, Accessible Style

The Rowan 2 epitomizes Vans' dedication to merging cutting-edge designs with approachable fashion. Drawing inspiration from vintage court shoes, it bridges the nostalgic past with the contemporary future. Every detail mirrors Rowan’s unique artistic flair, symbolizing both creativity and self-expression.

More Than Footwear: The Rowan 2 Lifestyle Collection

Going beyond footwear, the Rowan 2 encapsulates a distinct lifestyle. The accompanying apparel range includes relaxed carpenter denim and a vibrant short-sleeve tee, echoing the designs from Rowan’s cherished Vans tees collection. Trendsetters can also opt for a versatile reversible bucket hat. The line culminates with a 1⁄4 zip polar fleece and a long-sleeve tee, both showcasing the handcrafted Circle-V logo graphic.

Elevating Performance & Comfort

Revolutionizing the ImpactWaffle™ Experience

Rowan 2 amplifies Vans' signature ImpactWaffle™. The newly enhanced dual-density VR3 Cush midsole promises unparalleled foot protection. Skaters can now push boundaries with added confidence, cushioned against impacts from every angle.

Traction and Eco-Friendliness Combined

A standout feature of the Rowan 2 is its ingenious zonal tread pattern, leveraging the power of SickStick™ rubber. This guarantees heightened grip and tactile board sensation, while also ensuring sustainable impact resistance. Vans is passionate about both skater performance and global sustainability.

A Canvas for Self-Expression

Embrace Individuality with Rowan 2

The Rowan 2 is more than footwear—it's a manifesto for personal expression. It champions wearers to flaunt their uniqueness, ensuring they stand out whether at skateparks, urban jungles, or casual hangouts.

The New Era of Skate Aesthetics with Vans Rowan 2

In the evolving landscape of skate fashion, the Vans Rowan 2 emerges as an emblem of innovation, aesthetic finesse, and responsible craftsmanship. Marrying sophisticated design, top-tier performance enhancements, and a harmonizing apparel ensemble, it goes beyond mere footwear—it's a declaration of one's essence. With Rowan 2, every step resonates with stories of creativity, fervor, and genuine selfhood. Vans Footwear and the Rowan 2 have a new collaboration dropping this February 1st! Rowan and Spitfire wheels have linked up for a Colorway that will set fire to the eyes. With red accents for spitfires branded colors along with the Spitfire head on the back heal. Stop by our shop or hit our site to check out the Vans own 2 Black Swirl Spitfire.

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