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Alien Workshop Skateboards: An Extraterrestrial Ride Available at Amateur Athlete Skateshop

Alien Workshop Skateboards: An Extraterrestrial Ride Available at Amateur Athlete Skateshop

The Legendary Rise of Alien Workshop Skateboards

In the vibrant and competitive landscape of Californian skate brands, where the skate culture was thriving and numerous big names and companies jostled for attention, an independent american skateboarding company emerged, challenging established norms. Nestled far from the mainstream hubs, an independent American skateboarding company took a leap of faith, rooted not in the bustling streets of California but in the quieter, less-heralded terrains of Dayton, Ohio. This audacious venture is the now-iconic Alien Workshop. Founded on the principles of resilience, the brand carved its niche by consistently introducing innovative designs and concepts into its skateboard decks and other skateboard accessories. The journey of Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender, marked by challenges, breakthroughs, and unprecedented successes, stands as a shining example of commitment to the craft and an unwavering belief in the true spirit and ethos of skateboarding. Against the odds, Alien Workshop not only made a mark but etched its legacy in the annals of skateboarding history.

The Birth of Mike Hill and Chris Carter: An Independent American Skateboarding Company in Dayton, Ohio

When Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender set their hearts on founding Alien Workshop in 1990, many may have raised eyebrows. After all, Dayton was far from being recognized as a skateboarding mecca. But isn't that what skateboarding is all about? Breaking the norms, challenging the status quo, and letting passion guide the way.

Sure, Dayton might have been written off as "where dreams go to die" by anyon that wasn't Chris Carter, Mike Hill, or Neil Blender, but Alien Workshop's founders proved things otherwise. With the release of their debut video, Memory Screen, they not only showcased their brand on decks and other skateboard accessories but also introduced groundbreaking skaters like Rob Dyrdek, Duane Pitre, Bo Turner, John Pryor, and Scott Conklin. This move swiftly thrust them into the limelight, creating ripples in the skateboarding community.

Carving Their Place in Skateboard History

Alien Workshop's impact on skateboarding can't be overstated. It's not just about producing top-quality decks and wheels; it's about nurturing talents who would go on to become legends in their own right. Team riders such as Josh Kalis, Danny Way, Arto Saari, Jason Dill, and Anthony van Engelen are just a few luminaries who've crafted skateboarding history under the Alien Workshop banner.

Their skate videos, especially Memory Screen, Timecode, and the iconic Photosynthesis, have been great sources of inspiration for countless skateboarders globally. The brand's current torchbearers, Joey Guevara, Yaje Popson, and Frankie Spears, show promising potential. Skate enthusiasts eagerly await the magic they'll conjure in the coming years.

Defying Reality with Distinct Graphics

If there's one thing immediately recognizable about Alien Workshop, it's their unapologetically eccentric graphics. Stepping into the world of the strange, surreal, and supernatural, their designs truly set them apart. Perhaps it's something in the Ohio air, which interestingly, has given birth to more astronauts than any other state! This penchant for the otherworldly reflects in Alien Workshop’s vivid and often times psychedelic deck designs.

Beyond decks, the brand has diversified into other skateboarding essentials. Whether it's skateboard wheels, snug sweatshirts, trendy t-shirts, or durable skate shoes, Alien Workshop ensures its signature touch is evident. These products resonate with the brand's die-hard fans and newcomers alike, making them must-haves for anyone looking to add a splash of extraterrestrial flair to their skate gear.

Find Alien Workshop at Amateur Athlete Skateshop

For those keen to embark on an interstellar skateboarding journey, look no further. Amateur Athlete Skateshop proudly houses a comprehensive range of Alien Workshop products. From their iconic decks to the latest apparel, check our online shop is a haven for Alien Workshop enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Alien Workshop isn't just a brand; it's a phenomenon. Rising from the unlikely terrains of Dayton, it has firmly established its presence in the annals of skateboarding history. At Amateur Athlete Skateshop, we celebrate this legacy and invite you to be a part of riding this cosmic ride. Dive into our collection and let the Workshop magic propel your skateboarding adventures into the unknown!

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