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Allentowns Jordan skate park now has lights.

Allentowns Jordan skate park now has lights.

It took longer than we wanted, but it’s only fitting that Jordan Park in Allentown now has a skate park and yes the lights have been installed and they are on. From the beginning, we were excited to hear the news that Allentown Jordan park was getting a Skatepark. We with the Allentown Skatepark collective raised money to put towards Jordan Park and its second phase by selling beers by local hijinks brewery. We also held a silent auction, which art work was done by locals on Recycled skateboards. So now a little over a year later, the park has installed the LED lights so the night sessions are now on. Perfect for summer nights when the day is too hot for a skate session. The lights come in handy for a fun proactive skate night. Look forward to the future where amateur athlete skate shop will be having some fun night sessions night contests and movie nights. We will also be raising more money for the second phase which needs to be finished a bowl and an extended Street section on the lower end of the park will work perfect for everybody by spacing it out giving more lines more ledges, more rails, everything we need at the Joardan park. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our blog post and social media for upcoming events that will raise money for Completes and Skateboardss for Inner city Allentown youth and also for the second phase construction. In the holiday season of 2022, we raise enough money for 50 complete skateboards that were handed out randomly to youth in Allentown that were in need or interested in getting a new skateboard. The smiles make it all worth it. Now let’s just hope the second phase follows through. To many local government has promised to continue building other skateparks. So it’s time to follow through. Keep an eye out for future Jam plans that are currently being sorted out now. More Info coming soon!

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