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21 Skateparks in Pennsylvania

21 Skateparks in Pennsylvania

What's the Best Skate Park in PA?

Pennsylvania's skateboarding scene is as rich and diverse as its landscape, ranging from the bustling streets of Philadelphia to the quiet corners of its rural towns. The state has nurtured a vibrant community of skateboarders who have carved out a unique identity within the broader skate culture. In cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, skateboarding is not just a sport but a way of life, where the urban fabric provides a canvas for creativity and expression. The state's numerous skateboards, shops, DIY spots, and community-led skateparks are testaments to a scene that thrives on passion and community.

Community is More Important than a Vert Ramp or Bank Ramp

Skateparks serve as vital community hubs where individuals of all ages come together to share their love for skateboarding. These spaces provide a safe and structured environment for skaters to hone their skills, express themselves, and build friendships. For young skaters, skateparks are instrumental in fostering discipline, resilience, and a sense of belonging. They also play a crucial role in keeping youth engaged in positive activities, away from the pitfalls of urban life. Moreover, skateparks contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of the communities they are in, often becoming a focal point for local events and competitions.

From Quarter Pipes to Skateboard Ramps

Pennsylvania boasts a wide array of skateparks, each with its own character and set of features that cater to different styles and levels of skateboarding. From the sprawling concrete landscapes of parks like Bethlehem Skateplaza to the more modest, community-built parks in smaller towns, there's something for everyone. Indoor parks offer a respite from the harsh Northeast winters, while outdoor parks take advantage of the state's beautiful summers. This diversity not only reflects the varied geography of Pennsylvania but also the inclusive spirit of the skateboarding community, ensuring that whether you're a street skater or a vert enthusiast, you'll find a great place to call home.

Bethlehem Skateplaza - Bethlehem, PA

This expansive skatepark in Bethlehem, PA, offers a variety of obstacles and is known for its scenic views of the historic Steel Stacks. It's a hub for local skaters and hosts numerous skate events throughout the year. It was originally supposed to be a lot bigger than what's in place now. But a newer (Jordan Skatepark) has recently become a Lehigh Valley Favorite.

Paine's Park - Philadelphia, PA

Located in Philadelphia, Paine's Park blends skateboarding with public space, offering a modern urban landscape along the banks of the Schuylkill River. It's a favorite for both local skaters and tourists due to its proximity to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark - Carnegie, PA

A community-driven project in Carnegie, PA, this park serves as a memorial and provides a diverse range of features for skaters of all levels. Its 17,000 square feet of concrete is a testament to local efforts in promoting skateboarding.

FDR Skatepark - Philadelphia, PA

Nestled under the I-95 overpass in Philadelphia, FDR Skatepark is a gritty DIY masterpiece beloved by skaters for its challenging bowls and graffiti-clad aesthetic. It's a symbol of the city's rich skate culture and community resilience. Made, designed, and developed by a passionate crew (skaters Union). They continue to make FDR a culture hub by having many public events (Sober Vs Wasted) (Rip rally Ride) and many many more!

Penn Skate - Allentown, PA (Recently Closed)

unfortunately now closed but needed to be listed! As Pennsylvania's oldest and largest indoor skatepark, Penn Skate in Allentown offers year-round skating opportunities and a variety of ramps for all skill levels. Owned and operated by skaters, it's a cornerstone of the city and local skate scene. Many easter Pa skaters have many memories at Penn Skate so its only right it stays on the list.

Ambler Skate Plaza - Ambler, PA

Ambler Skate Plaza is a well-designed outdoor venue in Ambler, PA, that caters to street-style skaters with its plaza-like setup and features. It's a community favorite for its skate clinics and engaging layout.

Reid Menzer Memorial Skatepark - York, PA

In York, PA, this skatepark stands as a living memorial to a young skater, offering a vast array of ramps and rails for the community. It's known for its large bowls and vibrant local skate events.

Pop's Skatepark - Philadelphia, PA

This Philadelphia park is a product of community collaboration, featuring a mix of street and transition-style obstacles. Pop's Skatepark is a local staple for both spontaneous sessions and organized skate events.

Rotary Skatepark - Carlisle, PA

Rotary Skatepark in Carlisle, PA, is a community-maintained park known for its mini-ramp and street section, making it a welcoming space for skaters of all ages and abilities to visit. It emphasizes youth engagement and skate lessons.

Merry Place Skatepark - Havertown, PA

Located in Havertown, PA, Merry Place Skatepark is a small but beloved local park, offering a friendly environment for skaters to practice and socialize. Its clean, community-focused design ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors.

9th and Poplar - Philadelphia, PA

As a Philadelphia neighborhood staple, 9th and Poplar provides an intimate skating experience with its street-inspired elements and local charm. It's a testament to the city's dedication to accessible skate spaces.

Jordan Skatepark - Allentown, PA

Allentown's Jordan Skatepark is a popular outdoor facility that offers a mix of bowls and street obstacles, catering to a wide range of skating styles. It's a key spot for local skaters seeking a good session or a great hang. Many locals make this place what it is. And future additions that's been promised by the Local Mayer will only make this gem even better.

Denver Community Skatepark - Denver, PA

This skatepark in Denver, PA, boasts a community, family-friendly atmosphere and a variety of obstacles suitable for beginners and intermediate skaters alike. It's a reflection of the town's commitment to active lifestyles and youth engagement.

Lifland Skatepark - Elmira, NY (close to PA border)

Although just across the border in Elmira, NY, Lifland Skatepark attracts skaters from northern Pennsylvania with its well-maintained ramps and vibrant local skate culture. It's a regional favorite for its diverse layout and inclusive environment.

Haverford Township Skatepark - Haverford, PA

This skatepark serves the Haverford, PA community with a range of features designed to suit both new and experienced skaters. It's a key recreational spot that promotes active living and social connections among local youth.

Boyce Skate Park - Monroeville, PA

Boyce Skate Park in Monroeville, PA, offers a mix of modular ramps and rails that provide a fun and adaptable skating experience for kids and locals. It's a valued addition to the community's recreational facilities.

Bayne Park - Pittsburgh, PA

In Pittsburgh, Bayne Park provides a compact but well-designed space for skaters, featuring a variety of obstacles that encourage creativity and skill development. It's a neighborhood gem that exemplifies Pittsburgh's supportive skateboarding community.

Brady's Run Skate Park - Beaver, PA

Situated in Beaver, PA, Brady's Run Skate Park is known for its smooth concrete surfaces and dynamic layout, making it a popular destination for both skateboarders and BMX riders. The park's design encourages flow and progression for all levels.

Cranberry Skate Park - Cranberry Twp, PA

Cranberry Township's Skate Park is a well-loved local spot with a range of elements designed to mimic street skating, providing a safe and legal place for skaters to gather and grow their skills. It's a cornerstone of the township's recreational offerings.

Downingtown Skatepark - Downingtown, PA

Downingtown Skatepark in Downingtown, PA, is a community-focused facility that offers a variety of ramps and rails for local skaters to enjoy. It's a hub for skateboarding in the area, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among its users.

Ephrata Borough Skatepark - Ephrata, PA

Downingtown Skatepark in Downingtown, PA, is a community-focused facility that offers a variety of ramps and rails for local skaters to enjoy. It's a hub for skateboarding in the area, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among its users.

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