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Heroin Skateboards Swampzilla Coming Soon.

Heroin Skateboards Swampzilla Coming Soon.

The Eggzilla series from Heroin Skateboards began almost as a joke—an oversized, egg-shaped skateboard. Who would enjoy that, right? Surprisingly, the Eggzilla gained mass popularity, followed by the even more beloved Eggzilla 2 "The Revenge." Riders from all over posted new clips daily, showing off everything from hardflips to handrails on their Eggzilla 2 boards. Among them, one rider stood out: Swampy.

Meet the Swampzilla (Swampy+Eggzilla=Swampzilla)

Given Swampy's standout performances on the Eggzilla, it's only fitting that the third installment in the Zilla series is named after him: the Swampzilla. Swampy's incredible antics on the Eggzilla boards have made him a fan favorite, and now he's got a board to match his unique style. The Swampzilla, coming in at 13" wide and 30.1" long, continues the oversized skateboard craze that Heroin Skateboards pioneered.

Get Ready for the Buzz of the Swamp Zilla

The limited edition Swampzilla is set to hit shops this August, and it's sure to create a buzz. Heroin Skateboards' innovative designs have always pushed the boundaries, and the Swampzilla is no exception. If you haven't seen Swampy's epic Eggzilla sessions yet, you've been missing out.

Don't Miss Out

The first two Eggzillas sold out nationwide, so be sure to keep an eye out for the Swampzilla at your local skate shop. If you can't find one nearby, visit our website at to get yours. The Swamp zilla is said to be a limited quick strike so don't be caught sleeping on this one.


Heroin Skateboards continues to lead the way in skateboarding innovation with the Swampzilla. This oversized board, inspired by Swampy's impressive performances, is set to become a new favorite. Get ready to get creative with your skateboarding game with the Swampzilla this August!

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