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Vans shoes Ultrarange Black White herringbone color way

The Everyday wearable Vans Shoe: The UltraRange

Vans Footwear is a very popular shoe in the skateboard culture and also in pop culture fashion. Some may not know that Vans has a few different classes of shoes. Although crossover in the class of shoes has been happening for years, this article will break down a few different classes. We'll talk about what shoes are available where. And then well close out the article with one of the most comfortable Vans models that has attract the liking of anyone who wants a comfortable all day every day wearable shoe with additional technology features that will improve wear and comfort.

INside View Of Vans Classic shoes

The first class or category of Vans shoes is the classic category. The classics are some of the most popular Vans because they have been around for many years. They are the original shoe created. Vans classics don't have much technology in them. Pictured above is an image of acute opened Vans. You can see very little technology which leads to less comfort. They are a dumbed down basic version of the Vans models. Some of the most notable classics are Old Skool, Slip On's, Era and authentic. These models come in a plenty of color ways. Classic Vans are the model that are available at the common box stores like Payless, Shoe carnival, Designer warhorse, and other big box stores that have. Although still very stylish and more common to those whom are not in the skateboard culture, there is still other categories of Vans that may not be known to a non skateboarder.

The next category of Vans shoes are the Vans Skate edition. The Vans skate edition are the same models as the classics but have added features that do not come on the classic edition shoes. Some of the most notable features on the Vans Skate editions make the shoes more wearable and able to withstand the brute force that skateboarding puts on shoes. The Vans pop cushion is a high tech footbed that is much more thicker. The pop Cushion makes the shoe able to withstand the impact that skateboarding puts on your feet. Vans Skate edition shoes use DURACAP which incorporate Reinforced materials and higher sidewalls. Higher sidewalls and reinforced materials have many attributes one is higher side walls make it harder for your ankle to turn over. Lower sidewalls have less protection for turning over your ankles when putting impact on your feet and ankles. Another highlighted upgrade that Vans skate shoes have over the classics is "Stickgrip"! Although all vans across the board have the legendary waffle grip. The skate edition has a gummier rubber compound that connects and grips with skateboards better. The Stickgrip is a plush  gummier compound that helps in many ways when using with skateboarding. Skateboards have grip tape on the top so when your consistently coming in contact with that grip tape you want a material that compliments and doesn't fade after long time use. Another add on to the Vans Skate shoes are the tongue straps. Having reinforced internal straps that keep the shoes tongue  centered and in place helps with skating in ways that your tongue won't favor one side or another. When doing different tricks weather it be flipping or scooping the board the striped in place tongue acts as protection to the top side of your foot. Some of the most notable Vans Skate edition shoes are the Half Cabs which are a higher profile mid shoe that adds more ankle support that goes higher than the average vans shoe. 


Vans has entered a new era in technology. This year that have released the New model Vans AVE 2.0 which was a project that took many years. Vans added different technology's that previously were not on any Vans Skate shoes. The AVE 2.0 now incorporates the clear TPU which is visible and incorporated on the mid part of the outside sole. The new TPU piece adds long lasting support which is essential in a shoe that will be skated and tested in many ways. The TPU piece is a harder plastic piece that endures the repetitive force that comes with skating. The TPU feature is also clear and allows the visible Ultimate Waffle construction that is used only on Skate category shoes from Vans Footwear. The AVE 2.0 is a skate class shoe. We currently stock the AVE 2.0 at Amateur Athlete skate shop Skate category shoes are only available at your local skateboard shop. The Skate category shoes are not available at the local Payless, shoe carnival. Although very comfortable for everyday wear. Most people wearing Vans don't need the technology that is infused in all Vans skate shoes. So although some choose to get Vans shoes with the skateboard technology infused shoes. There is now a better Vans footwear model that will appeal to many more customers

Vans Model AVE 2.0 Grey

Now that Vans has become a house hold name they needed to create a shoe that appealed to the everyday human. The classics are a more of a price point shoe with basic comfort and technology and color ways that are available in common shoes stores like we stated earlier in the article. With the creation of the very comfortable and very technical Vans Ultrarange it appealed to the masses. The Vans Ultrarange has a wide range of color ways including many different materials. The Ultrarange is a highly technical shoe with a comfort rating of 5 stars. Many everyday person can now wear a Vans model that has all day comfort and is attractive to the eye. Known for its lightweight construction, it features UltraCush Lite midsoles for superior comfort and cushioning, ensuring all-day wearability. The breathable mesh upper enhances airflow, while the durable co-molded rubber outsole offers excellent traction. Ideal for those seeking both function and fashion, the UltraRange is a top choice for active lifestyles. Now it's possible for the everyday USPS worker or UPS driver to indulge in the very comfortable and versatile Ultrarange. If you have an active lifestyle, or constantly on your feel but are still looking to show your fashion style without  sacrificing comfort or looks the Vans Ultrarange is sure to appeal to you, weather your hiking, going to work, or hitting the local markets this model is a perfect fit for you. Be sure to check out the Vans collection and see new colors and styles.



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