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The Gonz's Masterpiece: Diving into the World of Krooked Skateboards

The Birth of Krooked Skateboard Decks

The name Krooked Skateboards has emerged as an epitome of creativity, legacy, and unparalleled artistry. Founded in 2001 by the skateboarding icon, Mark Gonzales, Krooked decks have since established a firm foothold in the skateboarding community and differentiated itself from companies that lack the details, form, and shape of their boards — whether they're traditional decks or cruisers. Operating under DLX Distribution, it holds its place proudly alongside renowned products such as Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, and Real Skateboards.

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Mark Gonzales: The Visionary Behind Krooked

The success and allure of Krooked skateboard decks aren’t solely because of its quality. A significant portion of its appeal lies in the visuals that adorn them. Mark, affectionately known as "The Gonz," is the mastermind behind a number of the brand's distinct graphics, promotional material, art, and ads. His innovative designs have become synonymous with the Krooked brand, offering skateboard enthusiasts not just a tool for their sport, but a piece of art.

Unique Offerings: The Krooked "Guest Boards"

Beyond it's normal decks, Krooked Skateboards is known for its "Guest Boards" series. These aren't just ordinary skateboards. They are limited edition offerings featuring skaters from both the past and present, making them highly sought after. For collectors and avid skateboarders alike, obtaining a "Guest Board" is like owning a unique piece of skateboarding history. It exemplifies Krooked’s dedication to celebrating the entire community, paying homage to legends and modern icons alike.

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Meet the Krooked Skate Team

While The Gonz is the visionary behind Krooked, the brand’s essence is also captured and represented by its exceptional team. Some prominent names include:

Mark Gonzales

The founder himself is an integral part of the team. With his legendary status in the skateboarding community, Gonzales continues to inspire generations with his skills and artistry. Furthermore, his pioneering spirit has been instrumental in shaping the direction and ethos of Krooked Skateboards.

Mike Anderson

Known for his remarkable abilities, Mike Anderson showcases a strong blend of classic and contemporary skate techniques. His adaptability and proficiency have made him an invaluable asset to the team, pushing boundaries every time he hits the pavement.

Dan Drehobl

With his unique style, Drehobl adds a distinct flavor to the Krooked team, ensuring the brand's representation across various skateboarding disciplines. His innovative maneuvers and charisma make him an inspiring figure for upcoming skateboarders to follow.

Bobby Worrest

A force to be reckoned with, Worrest brings to the table a mix of raw energy and polished skill, making him a crowd favorite. His dedication and passion are evident every time he performs, solidifying his place as a skateboarding legend.

Ronnie Sandoval

Sandoval's innovative approaches to riding and daring stunts make him a standout figure, further elevating Krooked's reputation. His fearless attitude combined with his technical prowess positions him as a trailblazer in the skateboarding scene.

Brad Cromer

A modern icon, Brad Cromer has a level of technique and flair that resonate with the younger generation, ensuring that Krooked appeals to all age groups. His fresh perspective and dedication to the craft embody the future of skateboarding.

Rodrigo TX

Adding an international touch, Rodrigo TX’s diverse background and skills bring a global perspective to the Krooked decks team. Hailing from Brazil, he infuses his South American spirit and style into every performance, enriching the brand's global appeal.

And these are just a few of the many talents that comprise the dynamic Krooked Skateboards team.

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Krooked Skateboards - A Blend of History and Innovation

Krooked Skateboards isn’t just a brand; it's a movement that beautifully melds the past, present, and future of skate culture. From the legendary vision of Mark to the "Guest Boards" celebrating the sport's icons, to the diversified and immensely talented team representing the brand, Krooked Skateboards decks, skateboard wheels, and krooked clothing continues to be a beacon for skateboarders globally.

For those searching for top-tier krooked skateboard decks or simply wanting to become part of a rich skateboarding legacy, Krooked Skateboards stands as a testament to the sport's enduring charm and ever-evolving dynamics.

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