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Santa Cruz Pokemon Collaboration

Santa Cruz x Pokémon Limited Release

Unveiling Santa Cruz's Exciting Summer Blind Bag Skateboard Drop

This summer, Santa Cruz is set to thrill skateboard enthusiasts and collectors alike with another captivating blind bag drop. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a blind bag is essentially a non-transparent bag that conceals the skateboard deck you're about to purchase, making the unboxing a delightful surprise.


Diving into Santa Cruz’s rich history, there have been several memorable blind bag editions. One that stands out prominently is the Natas Blind Bag. This particular edition gave skateboard aficionados the golden opportunity to possibly snag a unique 1-of-1 Natas original deck. Among the offerings were nine distinct variants of Natas's SMA panther decks, each with its own allure.

Remember the adrenaline rush of unboxing Pokémon cards, not knowing what might be inside? This summer promises to evoke that same exhilarating emotion but with Santa Cruz Skateboards. Picture this: a blind bag skateboard, each with diverse designs and some even flaunting holographic decks, concealed in a bag, echoing the unpredictability of Pokémon card packs.

Here’s what to anticipate:

Diverse Designs

Santa Cruz Skateboards is rolling out 20 distinct variants of a random 8" deck, each adorned with a unique Pokémon character.

Holographic Decks

Of these, 15 will be holographic decks, shimmering in silver metallic and prismatic foil.

Gold Foil Variants

For those with a penchant for the ultra-rare, watch out for the 5 gold foil variants. These are especially limited, with only 50 of each variant available globally.

Exclusive Apparel Capsule

Complementing the deck release, Santa Cruz will introduce a capsule collection comprising a t-shirt, hat, and socks, each imprinted with signature designs.

Limited Production for the Pokemon and Santa Cruz Line


Given the limited production of these decks, they are expected to be in high demand and will not be on the shelves for long. As the summer and fall seasons approach, ensure you're among the early birds either by visiting our physical store or by checking out our online store at Proudly serving as an authorized Santa Cruz dealer for over thirty years, we guarantee authenticity and premium quality.

To ensure you don't miss out on the official release date and other updates, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter. Stock is limited, and these unique skateboard decks are anticipated to fly off the shhelf.

The Pokémon blind bag decks were gone in minutes. Some individuals even camped outside the door prior to the shop opening. Also with any/ limited drops  the flippers and resellers were out in force. Some people tried or wanted to purchase 10 decks at a time. Of course we didn’t let that or any foolishness go down. We tried to take care of those whom consistently support Amateur Athlete Skate Shop. So it pays of to support and show love to AA, rather than only calling when a sick limited drop is out. Cross your fingers in hopes that more Pokémon skateboards will be dropped in the future. If that indeed does happen you know what favorite skate shop in Bethlehem Pa to hit up.

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