Santa Cruz x Pokémon

Santa Cruz x Pokémon

  Santa Cruz This Summer is hitting us with another blind bag drop. A blind bag is a non transparent bag that hides what skateboard deck you are purchasing. Blind Bag adds to the excitement for the sure fact that you never know what skateboard graphic you will get. If you look back in Santa Cruz's past blind bag drops there has been a few favorites. The Natas Blind Bag is one of the most notable in that you could of had the chance to get a 1 0f 1 Natas original deck. There were 9 different variants of Natas's SMA panther decks. 

  Openings Pokémon cards is a rush! This summer you will have the chance to create that same excitement with Santa Cruz Skateboards. A blind bag skateboard with a number of different variations and holographic decks will be mysteriously hidden in a bag (just like the playing cards). Weather your going to skate the deck or you are trying to collect your favorite Pokémon. The blind bag is definitely going to add to the excitement.  

  Santa Cruz Skateboards will have 20 different variants of a random 8" deck with Pokémon characters on each one. 15 different holographic decks with silver metallic and prismatic foil will be up for grabs. There will also be a more limited 5 gold foil variants that are limited to 50 each world wide. The pure luck of the drawl is what adds to the excitement and curiosity. Dropping at the same time as the deck is a capsule of apparel which include a tee shirt hat and socks. The decks are made in limited quantities and wont be available for a long period of time. So this summer/fall, when the time comes be one of the first to visit our shop in person or hit our site We have been a authorized Santa Cruz dealer for three decades. If you want to be the first to know when the drop date hits sign up for our news letter email blast. Cause these wont last long. 

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